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of a Strong Willed Child


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Exploring alternatives to saying 'No'!


Child unhappy and whining

Please stop the whining!


Play blocks spelling SCHOOL
Helping your child transition through

anxious moments



Adjusting to new roles in our life can be both exciting and challenging. Adjusting to motherhood is no exception. Even with the most meticulous planning, something will inevitably not go according to plan and this can leave one feeling unsettled and overwhelmed. Ironically, one of the things you will discover during your journey through motherhood is that children do not always fit into a plan, so developing the skill of ‘rolling with the punches’ is very useful.

Another contributor to feeling overwhelmed is the frequent onslaught of family and friends well meaning advice; along with the media’s conflicting messages. This overwhelmed feeling, if left to run wild, could develop into symptoms associated with post partum depression.

If you are not sure which advice to take, or feel overwhelmed by all the changes contact me to talk about this adjustment and how to navigate it in a way that fits with your beliefs and life.