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Michelle Foulds

Counselling Psychologist


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What happens in therapy?

I often have people start the session with:

“I never thought I’d end up in a place like this”.

I’m always confused by this statement. I know from experience that therapy is usually people’s last resort. However, I view it as a place where possibilities for change are created. These possibilities don’t have to be your last resort. These possibilities could shift you away from reaching this resort. The therapeutic conversation is your invitation to discover these possibilities. When you speak your story you open up possibilities for change. Therapeutic conversations catch these possibilities – that’s where the ‘magic’ happens.

In my consultations with young children I like to involve the parents as much as possible, and I encourage the involvement of significant others in the child’s life.

I would like to see a shift in people’s understanding of therapy as a space to discover possibilities for change rather than the place you go because you are ‘crazy’, ‘mental’, or at that point in your life that feels like the last resort.