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Exploring alternatives to saying 'No'!


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Helping your child transition through

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Early attachment and parenting consultations

Parenthood can be an overwhelming experience which is sometimes influenced by the well meaning opinions and advice of others. While some things have worked for them and can be helpful to you, the opposite can also be true leaving you feeling like a failure in an already difficult and potentially vulnerable time in your life. Parenting Consultations are about helping parents and children to understand each other.

The truth is that babies do not just eat, sleep and poop. The first three years of your child’s life are the most influential in terms of the brains development and social emotional learning. It is in these years that we lay the foundation for how our children will respond to the world and its challenges.

Parenting consultations can support you through this period so that you figure out your own parenting way and style that suits you and your child. This can be during and after pregnancy. I can support you through:

  • the parent-infant attachment relationship,
  • infant and toddler development phases,
  • toddler behaviour,
  • parenting guidance, support and development.